Small Business. 

Whether you’re in a start-up phase or a few years in business; your HR needs will require adjustments to meet changing business demands. Our firm understands how important it is for small businesses to have the flexibility to maintain their operation while staying focused on growing the business in the most cost effective manner.

Many small businesses say they can’t afford to hire a HR professional for their business. Well, we’re here to tell you, you can’t afford NOT to.

Every small business need some level of support, whether its employee relations, performance and development, policy structure or desktop management, network and hardware maintenance. There could be negative exposure and risk to the company if you are not in compliance with state and federal requirements, have outdated or missing company security protocols, which in turn, could likely lead to a failed audit. These oversights could potentially leave the company opened to vulnerability and even faced with unnecessary litigation. Having a HR partner allows you to focus on the business while we focus on all of your HR needs.

Benefits of having an HR expert:

  • Help you be compliant

  • Help bridge gaps between employee relations and communication

  • Help with employee management and training

  • Mitigate risks of virus intrusion

  • Help create, implement and maintain company policy and handbooks

  • Establish desktop management best practices

  • And more…