Individual Consumers.

May I have your individual attention please? Let’s face it. Sometimes you find yourself thinking you’re under-valued and your efforts often times go unnoticed. Perhaps, your supervisor just doesn’t know how to develop you or how to lead employees period. Your feelings of being targeted are becoming too stressful because you had a few absence days and your boss keeps threatening discipline. Not to mention they just don’t seem to understand work-life-balance with all the overtime you have to work to meet “the numbers”.

Be honest. The boss barks out sales goals, over talks you while you’re offering your input in a team meeting and often says the old faithful line, “Uh, let me get back to you”, but they never do.

Can you relate? Just doesn’t seem fair does it? More and more, individuals are faced with unmet needs and stuck in a what seems like dead end jobs. The HR department isn’t helping and now you are left to face it all on your own and “just deal”.  

This just doesn’t have to be so. When you need a simple and straight forward answer to help you navigate through your everyday workplace challenges Double R Consulting Firm can help. We understand what it feels like from personal experiences and we’re here to make sure you don’t feel frustrated, stuck, or ready to give up any longer.

Does this sound familiar to you?

“I’m really getting tired of my job”.

“My boss is treating me like crap”.

“I feel like my opinion doesn’t matter”.

“I feel like I’m being overlooked”.

“My peer and I came up with a idea together and my supervisor only gave them credit for it. That’s not fair”.

“My supervisor doesn’t know how to develop us. It’s so frustrating”.

“My boss doesn’t understand work-life balance. It’s always work, work, work”.

“I overhear some pretty offensive things while I’m at work”.

If this sounds familiar to you, we’re here to help.